Why I Don’t Repeat My Paintings

I have been asked many times during my artist life, ” Why don’t you repeat or do variations on any of your paintings, especially when that particular painting turns out real good. ”  My answer is that I am an emotional creator of art.  I take my mood and state of mind into colors, shapes and subsequently subject matter to lead me into the unknown, and in the final state, a picture.  This freedom encourages my enthusiasm, and freedom of choice.  The rewards are turning out material which helps me in my inner development, allows me to escape into another reality and finally, entertains me.   To attempt to emulate a picture is to put demands and boundaries on my creativity, which is a major turnoff.


About herbtannen

A spiritual, metaphysical artist in Malibu, CA
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1 Response to Why I Don’t Repeat My Paintings

  1. Aileen says:

    Herb that is great question that you are asked and I love your answer. Thank you for sharing your process and thoughts about your art.

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