Musings about Recent Works

I have recently reflected on the different roads I have traveled in my pursuit of material for my art pieces.  It is obvious that my range from “Nightmare” to “Clown” to the three paintings on sailing show a consistent willingness to go wherever my road  of life leads me.  Especially with “Clown” I am delighted that I pushed the envelope even further than I have with other material.  I hope to continue this pattern for the remainder of my career


When I was a child and for most of my life I have had nightmares.  They were particularly scary when I was small and I was feeling helpless. I tried to capture these feelings and thoughts in “Night Dreams”.  I feel confident, even after many years, that the picture holds up and is even is more impressive when I was able to get a safe distance from the picture



When I look back at my body of work and see many personal emotions I have spent intimate time with.  Some of my work has taken a relatively short period of time, anywhere from a month to a year.  Others demanded a number of years to totally complete, to my satisfaction, that image and visit.


About herbtannen

A spiritual, metaphysical artist in Malibu, CA
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1 Response to Musings about Recent Works

  1. Rocky says:

    Your art encourages me to think and look again and again at what I see and what I don’t see in your pieces. Your paintings take me on paths, holding my hand whenever I’m a bit confused. They move me, and that is enough for any artist to be proud of. I love your work; it invites people in to view individually, without judgment as to what each piece means to him or her…to me.
    Thank you for sharing your spirit.

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