A Lost Painting Found

Thirty-seven years ago I decided one day to do a painting with my son, who was 15 at the time. The system I used was based on 20 minute intervals…One of us would work on the picture with the other out of the studio…then we would reverse for 20 minutes with the other out of the room. Anything could be changed when it was your time in the studio. We would do this until we both agreed the picture was done. It turned out to be one of the most exciting pictures I have done in my art career. It ended up in a closet in my studio and was not seen for 25 years. Just recently I was able to open that closet and this picture was reclaimed for viewing. You see that picture here.

A Lost Painting Found

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Musings about Recent Works

I have recently reflected on the different roads I have traveled in my pursuit of material for my art pieces.  It is obvious that my range from “Nightmare” to “Clown” to the three paintings on sailing show a consistent willingness to go wherever my road  of life leads me.  Especially with “Clown” I am delighted that I pushed the envelope even further than I have with other material.  I hope to continue this pattern for the remainder of my career


When I was a child and for most of my life I have had nightmares.  They were particularly scary when I was small and I was feeling helpless. I tried to capture these feelings and thoughts in “Night Dreams”.  I feel confident, even after many years, that the picture holds up and is even is more impressive when I was able to get a safe distance from the picture



When I look back at my body of work and see many personal emotions I have spent intimate time with.  Some of my work has taken a relatively short period of time, anywhere from a month to a year.  Others demanded a number of years to totally complete, to my satisfaction, that image and visit.

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Why I Don’t Repeat My Paintings

I have been asked many times during my artist life, ” Why don’t you repeat or do variations on any of your paintings, especially when that particular painting turns out real good. ”  My answer is that I am an emotional creator of art.  I take my mood and state of mind into colors, shapes and subsequently subject matter to lead me into the unknown, and in the final state, a picture.  This freedom encourages my enthusiasm, and freedom of choice.  The rewards are turning out material which helps me in my inner development, allows me to escape into another reality and finally, entertains me.   To attempt to emulate a picture is to put demands and boundaries on my creativity, which is a major turnoff.

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Creating a painting is like roaming around in a darkened room led along by exquisite feelings and an exciting emotional tension. At a certain point a light goes on and a clarity of sight occurs and reveals the essence of the painting. As an artist, I am accompanied only by the presence of risk, a beckoning to go beyond the familiar. I find myself not only following my instincts into an adventure of the unknown, but also entering a place of healing for my constant struggle with feelings of isolation.
I start a picture with an urge to seek and explore. Painting is as essential to my well being as eating or sleeping. I haven’t always realized how painting played a central role in my walk along the highway of life, but I was certainly a willing seductee of its mystical and magical powers.
As I continue to seek out the core forces in my consciousness, painting keeps the door open to my inner world and grounds me in my outer world.

In the last 13 years I was married to the love of my life. She passed away in Oct. of last year.

Her presence in my life turned me from an artist of browns, black and dark blues to exciting reds, yellows, light greens and sky blue hues. The moods were energized, the compositions more daring and filled with fresh ideas. I have been dwelling in happiness and fun as my motivation.

I have had a good amount of success in a retrospective in Las Vegas in 2000. I also have shown my work in other outdoor venues as well as my studio. I have sold almost 50 paintings on my own to buyers around the United States.

This is now my time to step out and share my creations on a bigger stage.

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